Wednesday, 22 May 2013

June Holiday Homwork

Read the slides on Mensuration that Ms Ng emailed you to your SST email account
Do the Mensuration worksheets she gave you on foolscap
(Due Term 3 Week 1)

Go to GoogleSite -> History and download and do the June Holidays Homework Task (both documents)
(Due Term 3 Week 1)

Please do the composition email to you through your set email
Memorise the first 15 vocabulary in the small 250 vocabulary book
(Due Term 3 Week 1)

Please do you Extensive Reading Programme (ERP). If you do not have the instruction document, please download it from the Google Site)
(Due Term 3 Week 1)

Complete the comprehension and summary files below. Please answer inside the document and print them out.
(Both due Term 3 Week 1)



For those who have their own remedial worksheets given by the respective subject teachers, please complete them as well.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Homework (17 May 2013) and Itinerary for Monday (20 May 2013)


Memorise the first 15 vocabulary of the 250 idioms book that 叶老师 gave out today
(Due Term 3)

Finish your PT poster
(Due Monday, 20 May 2013 in drop it to me (link in G+))

Itinerary for Monday

ISH@840am in classes as usual
Proceed to MPH after announcement
Be in assigned groups (below) in the MPH
Board bus to go to Supreme Court and Parliament Visitor Centre
Reach school at 12.30pm
Proceed to auditorium for a talk
*Health Check Up at 2.30pm

S207 (3-24)
S208 (1-11)
Ms Cassandra Kaur
Ms Kassandra Lim

S209 (Whole Class)
S208 (12-22)
Ms Patricia Ng
Ms Hu Juan

MPH Seating Plan

MPH Stage

                 F            E             D           C           B           A

Things to Bring:
Pencil Case
Full Water Bottle
Small Umbrella
Light Bag
*S&W Attire (For Health Check Up)
Food (Optional)

Things not to Bring:
Learning Device
Long Umbrella
Any Sharp Objects

Have a heavy breakfast
Be in FULL school uniform
Be in your groups throughout the journey
Handphones to be switched off in your bag
No photo and video taking at the venues
If you are lost, find any group and notify the teacher in charge before joining them
Notify the teacher if you need to go the the toilet or if anything else arises (e.g. Confronted with police, stranger approaches and ask for directions, etc.)

*Health Check Up
Venue : Block B, #03-01/02
Attire : S&W Attire
Documents Required : Health Certificates/Booklets (Only for those who are not SC/SPR)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Homework (14 May 2013)

Complete the PDF of the Environmental Conversation worksheet and email to Ms Teo.
For those who are not going on GCPs, please bring $10 if you wish to participate in the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition
(By tomorrow)

There is photo taking tomorrow at the ADMT Studio 2 at 1.15pm
For the Normal Chinese Students, please bring $6 for the books

Monday, 13 May 2013

Homework (13 May 2013)

Email the 3 minute audio recording of chapter 8 to
Do the Chapter 8 comprehension worksheet
(By tomorrow)

Finish up your group's draft storyboard
(Due Friday, 17 May 2013)

Please sign your History outing form for permission to exit the school on that day
Tomorrow there will be a NTU Flagship day briefing in the Auditorium from 2-3pm
Please bring your Term 1 Lecture Notes tomorrow

Friday, 10 May 2013

Homework (10 May 2013)

Do xi zi on Chapter 8
(Due Monday, 13 May 2013)

Sign the learning journey consent form
(Due Thursday, 16 May 2013)

Do Exercise 9.3, Tier A, questions 2, 3, 4 and 5 and Tier B, Questions 8 and 9
(Due Monday, 13 May 2013)

Do mind map on environmental conversation and post on science blog
(Due Monday, 13 May 2013)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Homework (9 May 2013)

Finish the whole notes
(By tomorrow)


Sign the learning journey consent form
(Due Thursday, 16 May 2013)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Homework (8 May 2013)

Do xi zi on Chapter 8
(Due Monday, 13 May 2013)

Complete Question 8
(Due Friday, 10 May 2013)

Post up your group's Venn Diagram on the Science blog
Look through other groups' Venn Diagram and do up the one on page 2 of your notes
In your groups in the wall wisher (link in blog), i person will post up their research on how the Minamata disease came about, another will post up on why it came about and the third will post up on how it affected the humans
Post up your findings of one of the techniques to remove contaminants (assigned to your group in class)
(All due tomorrow)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Homework (7 May 2013)

Read Chapter 8
Read up on the vocabulary slides on Chapter 8
(By tomorrow)

Do the reflection on the Oral Communications facebook group
(By tomorrow)

Do exercise 9.2, tier C, question 10 on the same foolscap with the rest of exercise 9.2
(By tomorrow)

Note: Exercise 9.1 is due on Friday, 10 May

Monday, 6 May 2013

Homework (6 May 2013)

Do Exercise 9.1, questions 7, 8, 9 and 11
Do Exercise 9.2, Tier A, Questions 1-4 and Tier B, Questions 6 and 7 on a separate piece of foolscap
(Due Tomorrow)

Do research on question 4 of page 1 of the notes
Research on pollution/pollutants
(Due Wednesday, 8 May 2013)