Friday, 12 April 2013

Homework (12 April 2013)

Please complete your market analysis (products) section of your business feasibility plan
(Due Tuesday, 16/4/13)

Please do the Term 2 timed practice, time yourself 1 hour to complete it
(Due Tuesday, 16/4/13)

Please do the summary worksheet
(Due Tuesday, 16/4/13)

Do the Maths AA on pages and email Ms Ng at 
(Due Friday, 19/4/13)

Late submission of 1-3 days will result in a 10% loss of marks attained
Late submission of 4-6 days will result in a 50% loss of marks attained
Late submission of 7 days and beyond will result in a 100% loss of marks attained

Do the Physics practice paper and the electricity revision worksheet
(Due Term 2 Week 5)

Note about exams:
Science common test will include Biology as well as Physics. Please revise for the Physics paper on your own as Mr Lim will busy in the next 2 weeks leading up to the exams. If you encounter any difficulties while revising, you are advised to drop him an email at and he would schedule a time before assembly to meet you.

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