Friday, 16 August 2013

Homework (16 August 2013)

Complete the Level Test 2 Revision Worksheet 4
(Due Monday, 19 August)

Complete your pair's Transformations on the English Blog
(Due Tuesday, 20 August)


Reminder that 1st draft or written report and log book is due on Monday, 26 August

Next week is level test, please revise for the appropriate subjects and plan your time carefully.

Chinese :  Email Writing + Planning
HCL and Hindi :  Ask your fellow classmates
English :  Essay Writing (2 choose 1, Narrative or Exposition) For more info.
History :  Contact & Interaction and Age of Exploration
Geography :  Coasts, Coastal Management and Plate Tectonics
Mathematics :  Mensuration, Indices and Standard Form and Set Language and Notation

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