Friday, 11 January 2013

Homework (11 January 2013)

Weekend Homework (Whole Week)

Select a brand and answer question on I&E blog
Brand name
What about the brand?
How has the brand evolved?

English 2(OC&PS)
Prepare for diagnostic test presentation

Reorganize blog based on categories in google site
Plan a Ghantt Chart using numbers or excel of the tasks needed (refer to SOW in google site)
Work out role and responsibilities in group (leader, secretary, blog manager/public relations, researcher, etc.)
Secretaries or each group, pls remember to post up notes of the group discussion in your IRS blog.

Do pretest at this url :

Check with your fellow MTL classmates

Answer questions in Chines blog

Do questions on English blog

Do page 9, Tier C questions 1 & 4
Do Diagnostic test in ace learning (Sec 1) do all working for every question on foolscap paper and submit to Ms Ng

Buy file and 3 dividers for those who have not bought
Label the 3 dividers Assignments (Top), Assessments (Middle) and Archives (Last)
Please note that the Archives is for you to put in articles relating to History that you have interest in (5 Archives for this Term)
Label file with your name, class, register number and History
Create a cover page with your name, class and pictures of Ancient History (x<1AD) Pictures must be colorful .

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