Friday, 18 January 2013

Homework (18 January 2013)

Weekend Homework (Whole Week)

Please ask your parents to sign the examination info form
Please complete target setting worksheet
(Due Monday, 21/1/13)

Work in groups to decide what kind of business/industry you would want to be in
Create company name and tagline (can use
Post should include name (of group members), company name, product and tag line
(Due Sunday, 20/1/13)

EL 2
Continue to prepare for presentation for those who have not presented
(Due Monday, 21/1/13)

Download and re-read literature review slides
Download the slide below it
One member of the group will research on websites while others will research on books and or journals
(Draft due on Monday, 21/1/13)

Do homework on Google + community
(Due Wednesday, 23/1/13)

Please check with your fellow classmates

Do page 16, Tier B (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7), page 20, Tier A (1a(iii), 1b(iii), 1c, 1e & 1f), page 21 (Q2), page 22, Tier B (c & d) of Lecture Notes on foolscap
(Due Tuesday, 22/1/13)

Bring any device that can record a video
(Due Tuesday, 22/1/13)

Bring file with 3 dividers, printed cover page and at least 1 archive ( only 1 printed archive is allowed, the rest must be found in newspapers, magazines, etc.)
Discuss group work about the mind map and who to speak what part
(Due Thursday, 24/1/13)

Finish letter mind map on defective vase and post in the English blog
Due TODAY, 12.00am)
Comment on maximum 3 mind maps that you like
(Starts on Today, 12.00am and is due Tuesday, 22/1/13)
Bring English filer
(Due Monday, 21/1/13)

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