Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Homework (5 February 2013)


Explanation of lesson for those who had competition:
Page 35 Lecture Notes 
Example 10
a) x^2+11x-15
=(x+5.5)^2-30 and 1/4 -15
=(x+5.5)^2-45 and 1/4

b) Hence,
(x+5.5)^2-45 and 1/4=0
(x+5.5)^2=45 and 1/4
x=1.23 or x=-12.22

Homework for maths
Maths quiz 2 (do behind quiz 1)
a) Express x^2+6x-27 in the form of (x+a)^2+b
b) Hence find x^2+6x-27=0

Do questions 10, 11 and 12 of the unit 2.2 worksheet and tier b, question 2 and tier c, question 1 of page 43 in the lecture notes on the same foolscap paper with the weekend homework
(Due tomorrow)

Download unit 1.2 of ejournal
Find videos or pictures about the first part on speed
Type out 2 more variables in speed (course or river and wind direction), explain it and find videos or pictures for it
(Due Friday, 15/2/13)

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