Friday, 8 February 2013

Homework (8 February 2013)

Weekend Homework (Term 1 Week 5)

EL 2
Type out your podcast script based on the recording that we did today ( you can record again if you want) and edit the script
(Due Monday, 18/2/13)

Start your IRS project
(Due Monday, 18/2/13)

Download unit 1.2 of ejournal
Find videos or pictures about the first part on speed
Type out 2 more variables in speed (course or river and wind direction), explain it and find videos or pictures for it
(Due Friday, 15/2/13)

Do the Morphological analysis and have a story
(Due Wednesday, 13/2/13)

Memorize the 高兴句子, 1, 2, 14, 15 and 21
(Due Friday, 15/2/13)

活动本 page 1 - 14
(Due Wednesday, 13/2/13)

Do the alternative assessment
(Due Monday, 18/2/13)

Try Q4 of the worksheet again and do page 38, example 13 and page 46, Q3 of the Lecture Notes
(Due Wednesday, 13/2/13)

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