Friday, 1 March 2013

Homework (1 March 2013)

Weekend Homework (Term 1 Week 8)

Do the 逗号 worksheet
(Due Tuesday, 4/3/13)

Update file content page with remedial 2 & 3 and file them in with corrections done
Do Unit 3.1 questions 3a, 3c, 3d, 5a and 5c on he foolscap paper with the previous homework
(Due Tuesday, 4/3/13)

Check that you have the following things in your History file:

Cover Page
Similarities and Differences (Assignment)
Timed Practice (Assignment)
Relief Worksheet (Assignment)
Diagnostic Test (Assessment)
5 Archives with Reflections
(Due Thursday, 6/3/13)

EL 2
Go to the googlesite and download the Non-Verbal Communication PDF and watch the videos and understand them.
(Due Monday, 3/3/13)

Record your story
1 minute
Put the above in a folder and name it EL2 Oral Exams S2-08, Name,
Submit in submit folder
(Due Friday, 14/3/13)

Please do your group survey questions
(By Monday, 3/3/13)

Find pictures for the erosion section of e-journal 03
(Due Tuesday, 4/3/13)

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