Thursday, 28 March 2013

Homework (27 March 2013)

Form groups and do Activity 11 on slides and post it in the science blog
(Due Monday, 1/4/13)

Do the email reply on a piece of email writing paper (given by Roger tomorrow) look at page 16 and 17 of the 逗号 for reference
(Due Monday, 1/4/13)

Do the Pythagoras Theorem Worksheet
(Due Monday, 1/4/13)

Do your English ERP (Extensive Reading Programme) Please download the instruction sheet from the google site
(Due Term 2 Week 3, Friday, 12/4/13)

Please complete the exercise about editing the bad slides and chose between the slides, your speech about person you admire or music group you like, IRS presentation or any other presentation to present next week
(Due Monday, 1/4/13)

Do the Tale of 2 Cities Comprehension
(Due Tuesday, 2/4/13)

Please improve on your group presentation slides for the 3 groups that have not presented yet
(By Tuesday, 2/4/13)

Class Matters
Please come up with a class T-shirt design either as individuals or in groups
(Due Monday, 1/4/13)

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