Monday, 11 March 2013

Homework (11 March 2013)


Do the business feasibility plan until the Market Analysis section (in your Google Docs)
Please include the following:
Internal Influences (at least 3)
External Influences (at least 3)
Target Audience
Potential Demands
(Due Term 2 Week 1, Monday, 25/3/13)

Bring an empty science file
Accept invitation for Environmental Science blog in your SST email
Complete activity 1 & 2 of your biodiversity notes on a presentation and post it on the Environmental Science blog
(By tomorrow)

Do the habits journal on a spreadsheet (shared to you by Ms Sng) in your SST email
(Due Term 2 Week 1, Monday, 25/3/13)

Do your IRS viva presentation
Edit your IRS blog (make sure that sections are stated and that there are no typo errors)
(Due Term 2 Week 1, Monday, 25/3/13)

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