Monday, 1 July 2013

Homework (1 July 2013)

Answer the following questions on your ISS group blog as comments in a post.
What is Science?
What are scientific methods?
(Due Today, 2359)

Please read up and discuss as a group some of the project titles in Mr Tan Hoe Teck's blog.

Bring Maths file, notebook, foolscap and calculator tomorrow

Scheme of work for Maths for Term 3
Week 1         Mensuration
Week 2&3    Indices and Standard Form
Week 4         Set Language and Notation
Week 5&6    Direct or Inverse Proportions
Week 7         Application of Linear Graphs: Kinematics
Week 8         Probability
Week 9&10  Revision

Please complete and submit, in hard copy, your June Holiday Assignment to Cindy
(Due Recess on Friday, 5/7/13)

Bring your History File (do not update content page)
(By Wednesday, 3/7/13)

Please start finding articles related to history for your archives (1 week, 1 article)

Please print and hand in your June Holliday Assignments (ERP, Comprehension and Summary) to Valence
(Due tomorrow)

For those who have not handed in your Report Books, please hand them in to Matilda tomorrow

Please bring a thermometer which is in working condition tomorrow

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