Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Homework (3 July 2013)

Post up your summary, not more than 150 words, of the journalists' code of ethics in the following link.
(Due Tomorrow)

Comment on your individual research title your hypothesis and 3 variables for it.
(Due Thursday, 4 July, 5pm)

Finalise a research tittle for your group and come up with a hypothesis as well as the 3 variables for it.
(Due Friday, 5 July, 5pm)

Please complete the word spread of the Human Elements and Environmental Elements as well as the grouping for all the elements in the 2 topics stated above in different slides
(Due Tomorrow)

Please prepare your skit on Ashoka with the theme given to your group
(Due Term 3 Week 3, Monday, 15 July)

Tomorrow has Temperature Taking. Please remember to bring a thermometer, which is in working condition, and report to class for morning assembly tomorrow. Thanks.

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