Thursday, 25 July 2013

Homework (25 July 2013)

Please do the Summary Survey here.
(Due tomorrow)

Find a picture from newspapers (can be english or chinese), cut it out and apply the 看图说话 method 叶老师 went through
(Due Tuesday, 30 July)

Read and memorise 词语 21 - 30 for test
(Due Tuesday, 30 July)

Go to History Google site and download everything in the Contact and Interaction Section (total of 6 files) files 1-4 are reading material and files 5 and 6 are worksheets to be completed.
(Due Monday, 29 July)

Go to Geography Google site and download lesson 08 on Planet Tectonics. Do activity 1, 2 and 3.
(Due Tuesday, 30 July)

Thursday's S&W period will be swapped with Monday's I&E period with effect from Term 3 Week 5.

Updated Timetable

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